How to Prepare for a Cake Smash

When to Book Your Session

Ideally, 1 – 2 months in advance.

Cake smash pictures are typically used for birthday card invitations and to display at the party. In order to have enough time to prepare a set, take the photos, edit them, return a viewing gallery and have your prints delivered, I recommend doing this session well in advance. 2 months prior to your party, if using images for invites. 1 month prior to party, if using images for display. If you just want to commemorate your baby turning one, then anytime is fine!

How to Choose Your Set

Click here for my Cake Smash Portfolio

I have several pre-styled cake smash sets available in my studio but I also love to design new custom sets. (Please give me at least a month advance notice to design and and make purchases.) All you need to do is think about what colors you like and/or what theme.

How to Choose an Outfit

Click here for Handmade Cake Smash Outfits

Most of my clients order their outfits from Etsy, however, you can use anything you would like. You can even go simple and let baby go shirtless! I also have a few things here in the studio just incase we need it! And don’t forget to bring a clean outfit to go home in.

How Long Does the Session Take?

Allow for around 45 minutes.

Believe it or not, the cake smash itself doesn’t take very long. I usually start with about 5-10 minutes of pictures before I introduce the cake. Then the cake smash takes around 20 minutes or so depending on the baby’s interest level. (Be prepared to chase your baby if he/she is very active. And consider your own clothing as this can become very messy.) Once baby loses interest or I have plenty of pictures, allow for another 10 minutes for cleanup.

Things to Think About

  • It’s best to bring a baby that is well rested, first thing in the morning or right after their nap usually works well.
  • Make sure baby is well fed prior to your session because babies usually eat little to none of the cake.
  • If you suspect baby might be teething (as a lot of them are at this age) you might want to consider a pain reliever about 30 minutes before your session.

Allergies, Aversions and Options

If your baby has any known food allergies, please let me know! If you are not sure if your baby will have an allergy to any ingredients used to make a cake, I recommend trying a cupcake at home first. (This is a good idea for practice, even if you’re not concerned about an allergy.) If your baby has an allergy or aversion, there are lots of other options, here are a few ideas:

  • Taco Smash
  • Spaghetti Smash
  • Pancake Smash
  • Watermelon Smash

Thats just to name a few. It could literally be anything.

“Taco ’bout Turning ONE”

Working with your Baby in Mind

Every baby is unique and at different stages in their development. And even the happiest babies can have an “off day.” (Don’t we all?) So I want to mentally prepare you for any outcome. Some babies don’t like cake. Some babies don’t like being messy. Some babies don’t like new people. Some babies get overwhelmed in my studio. Knowing that tiny humans have an array of reactions when working with them, I can assure you that I will try my very best to make them feel comfortable and take extra time with them to get to know me if I need to.

With that being said, photography is all about capturing your baby’s personality at this stage in their life. So try to relax and roll with the punches. And if you get awesome pictures like this:

“Because we gave him cake on his birthday.”

you can always submit it to a blog like this: 100 Ridiculous Reasons Why Kids Cry. LOL!

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