The R Family

we found the perfect spot

When the weather is perfect in Las Vegas, not too hot and not too cold, all the families start looking for their photographer to do their fall family photos. This is the perfect time to incorporate some amazing autumn color pallets into your wardrobe. The R family did such a good job coordinating their outfits by taking the colors from the small pattern in mom’s dress and giving each family member a primary color and using the accessories to tie everything in.

the kids, having a little fun
Aren’t they cute?
and the amazing golden light from the sunset!
The same spot but once the sun ducked behind the mountain
having a seat in the grass
Uh oh! We’ve got a runner!
grassy field with rustic fence

WARNING! Don’t scroll down if you’re afraid of spiders

This is the very first time I have ever witnessed a real, live tarantula. This actually happened almost as soon as we walked into the park! Luckily my clients didn’t bolt! HAHA! The desert has appropriately earned it’s nickname of the “Wild Wild West”. I thought it was pretty neat and the older son was actually very interested in our arachnid friend.

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