She finally got her GIRL!

When my beautiful friend, Meghan, told me she was pregnant, I couldn’t hide my excitement! I remember her asking me what I thought it was going to be and I said… a BOY! Man, was I wrong! Once she found out it was a girl, the planning began! She said, “Sheena, I want to do a milk bath session and a family session with all my boys before she arrives but also putting a little focus on my baby bump…” I said, “I can do that.” “And in the meantime, I’ll be ordering stuff for my daughter’s NEWBORN SESSION!!” Yes, Meg is a planner. And that’s what I love about her. We work well together. She plans the outfits, the accessories, the floral arrangements and I coordinate the locations and the time for the best light and capture the moment. I just love sunset… the gold tone is so romantic, don’t you think?

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